Delata Ghana Limited


Delata Ghana Ltd was established in 1997 and engages in the production and export of crafts from Ghana. The Company operates in three related core business areas, namely; Production for Exports, Export Agency Services and Shipping Services.
  • Identifying export potential crafts and their producers in Ghana
  • Grouping the producers into their product areas and locations
  • Assisting in adapting the design of the product for the export market
  • Assisting in organizing the production for efficiency, timeliness and quality assurance
  • Marketing the crafts at Trade Shows for export orders
  • Warehousing, packing and shipping the export orders

Product Groups include

 Straw Baskets, Wood Carvings, Musical Instruments, Recycled Glass Beads Products, African Fabrics  and Accessories

U Shopper Baskets

Baby Carriers

Bicycle Baskets

Pot Baskets

Oval Baskets

Round Baskets

Dog Baskets

Rectangular Baskets w/handle

Straw Hats

Laundry Baskets

Tray Basket

Straw & Batik Fans

Ceramic Plates

Wood Carvings

Recycled Glass Beads

Drums and Carvings