Delata Ghana Limited


              Export Agency Services

In order to encourage and assist Buyers who visit Ghana to source for craft products, Delata offers  the following services
  • Linking Buyers to Producers and producer Groups and Vice versa
  • Organizing sole exhibitions for Buyers to enable them see various groups of product under one roof
  • Managing the resultant export orders and shipping the orders

                Shipping Services

  • Delata offers general shipping services to facilitate international trading in Ghanaian products and these include;
  • Cargo Pick-up, Warehousing, Ticketing , Packaging and Packing
  • Freight Forwarding (Air Freight and Sea Freight)

           Production for Export

  • Identifying export potential crafts and their producers in Ghana
  • Grouping the producers into their product areas and locations
  • Assisting in adapting the design of the product for the export market
  • Assisting in organizing the production for efficiency, timeliness and quality assurance
  • Marketing the crafts at Trade Shows for export orders
  • Warehousing, packing and shipping the export orders