Delata Ghana Limited


Delata Ghana Ltd was established in 1997 and engages in the production and export of crafts from Ghana.

The Company operates in three related core business areas, namely; Production for Exports, Export Agency Services and Shipping Services.


Product Groups

 Straw Baskets, Wood Carvings, Musical Instruments, Recycled Glass Beads Products, African Fabrics and Accessories

Delata works regularly with over 500 Basket Weaver from Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly and other Artisans working in Recycled Beads, Wood Carving and Musical instruments countrywide

                         Shipping Services

Delata offers general shipping services to facilitate international trading in Ghanaian products and these include;

  • Cargo Pick-up, Warehousing, Ticketing , Packaging and Packing
  • Freight Forwarding (Air Freight and Sea Freight)

                      Production for Exports

  • Identifying export potential crafts and their producers in Ghana
  • Grouping the producers into their product areas and locations
  • Assisting in adapting the design of the product for the export market
  • Assisting in organizing the production for efficiency, timeliness and quality assurance
  • Marketing the crafts at Trade Shows for export orders
  • Warehousing, packing and shipping the export orders

                        Export Agency Services

In order to encourage and assist Buyers who visit Ghana to source for craft products, Delata offers  the following services

  • Linking Buyers to Producers and producer Groups and Vice versa
  • Organizing sole exhibitions for Buyers to enable them see various groups of product under one roof
  • Managing the resultant export orders and shipping the orders

    Trade Show Participation

Delata has participated in many international trade shows to promote the Ghanaian craft products including;

Frankfurt Ambiente, Import Shop Berlin, Dortmund Trade Show all in Germany; New York International Gift Fair, California Gift Show, Atlanta Gift Show, Expo West , Anaheim all in the USA ; Birmingham Autumn Fair , UK ,SIAO, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and FIDAK, Dakar , Senegal

Delata Ghana has a permanent Stand at Messe Frankfurt Ambiente

     Export Destinations

Delata has been exporting to many Chain Stores and Wholesale Buyers including; HomeGoods, TJ Maxx,, Cost Plus, Ten thousand Villages, Bamboula Ltd, Swahili Imports, Adairs, Australia, World Crafts, West Elm, all in the USA; HomeSence in Canada; Damian Versand, Adam Schmidt, Africa Shop Karibu (ASK) in Germany; DILKA in Netherlands; Afroart in Sweden and WEYLADTS in South Africa, Cologne &Cotton, Baileys, Sandpits Heating Center all in UK